Cargo Blues Band

About Cargo Blues Band

Cargo Blues Band originally formed for the 2013 Echuca Blues Festival. With their resounding success at the festival, they've been wowing audiences with their unique brand of blues and R&B ever since.

The band is comprised of an Italian-born front man/singer/harmonica player, Smokin Sam Salzone. Accompanying Sam is our solid bassist, Lefty Ray Wooley who has played in many blues outfits in Melbourne, along with Ken Hatton on Guitar, Peter Williamson on Drums.

The majority of the band's repertoire is a mix of original and blues covers material from Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Junior Wells to name a few. Although we mix it up quite a bit stylistically, we never stray TOO far away from the vintage R&B, R&R, blues and soul music that are the closest to our hearts.

To learn more about our latest CD release "On The Move", and for those of you that aren't yet familiar with our music, please take a listen to some sound samples on our music page. There you'll find samples from my earlier CDs as well.

Make sure you visit the photo gallery (there are lot of interesting stories in there and photos of the band rubbing elbows with the famous and not-so-famous). If you're looking for upcoming tour dates, check our gig page.

Blues harmonica player, vocalist
Smokin SamSam loves the blues and is also at home playing rock, funk and is also a writer of some tasteful original music.

From time to time Sam also picks up the guitar and plays slide guitar and keys.

Sam loves to entertain his audience with his moves and chatter on stage, never a dull moment while performing.

Sam's main music influences are Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, Junior Wells, Willie Dixon, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, to name a few.
Seasoned guitarist
Ken HattonKen has played with a variety of mainly roots-based artists between the '60s and '80s - Issy Dye's Trio Plus One, Langford Lever Blues Band, Angry Anderson, One Armed Bandit who supported Leon Russell and The Amazing Rythym Aces, and the Doc Townsends Operators.

Later he got into the country rock scene - Chicken Deville, Cadillac Ranch, Roughcut, backing bands for Cash Bachman, Lee Conway, Denise Morrison etc. Getting back into Blues roots, Ken played with Dutch Tilders and his Bluesicians for about 5-6years. He has filled in with various bands and support bands.
Peter WilliamsonPeter has played with many bands over the years and went into hibernation for quite a while before joining Cargo Blues Band in 2013.

Peter's musical influences are too numerous to mention - a wide range of styles from Blues and Rock to Funk and Soul.

Peter is a solid drummer who keeps a great beat, and folks no he is not related to Sonny Boy Williamson.
Bass Player
Ray Woolley Ray "Lefty" has come to Cargo hailing from Gippsland!  

Ray has been involved with the blues scene for many years. He is the Founding Member of The Powerhouse Blues Band and the Gippsland Rhythm & Blues Club.

Blues influences include English Blues of Fleetwood Mac and all Chicago and Texas blues.
Inaugural bass player
Delta Chris Delta Chris joined Synergy Blue as the inaugural bass player in 2006. Chris has been in many blues bands over the years and has been seen at most of the blues jams at, MBAS, Elwood Blues Club & Musicland. Delta's love of music spans Blues to Rock with heavy influences by Eric Clapton, Chain and the Rolling Stones.

In 2012 Delta hooked up again with Smokin Sam to start up Cargo Blues Band, which was formed to play a special event at Echuca Winter Blues festival and the band has been going strong ever since.